Your Minecraft Server Hub Comes with Fancy Hats

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Minecraft is a sandbox building adventure game that lets players of all ages to build and destroy with blocks. Minecraft is similar to Lego but in a digital version. However unlike Legos the world of Minecraft is populated by Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and Creatures (Mobs). Minecraft Survival is a game mode where players have to create an operational base and survive every day. The goal is to conquer the dragon that eats you.

What is Minecraft Top?

Minecraft Top is an Minecraft Server List. We're hoping to do more in the Minecraft community in the future, but we decided to start with Minecraft servers. minecraft Minecraft Top Features lists the most popular Minecraft servers that players can explore and join. nici's blog It's enjoyable to play Minecraft with your friends, however there are many online communities playing different Minecraft game modes. nici's blog

What Minecraft Game Modes do Minecraft Top Support?

Our goal is really to help all of them. Minecraft communities can sign up and create their servers for gaming. They can also choose the game modes they would like to provide during this process. We currently support a variety of game modes that include Survival, Skyblock and Factions, Bedwars and Prison. We'll continue to expand our Minecraft list as new game modes are developed and shared.