WRUP All DPS Players Are Sharks Edition

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It's time to expose an aspect that many MMO players aren't aware of that all DPS players are sharks. If you're wondering how many DPS seem to be addicted to the chant of the holy "GOGOGO," it's because the mere slowdown of one minute means that they'll die. They have to keep killing and swimming. This is what MMOs are doing to sharks all over the world. Don't ask a shark how they are capable of playing or typing the game; just realize that a rogue who will not wait for the tank or the healer or other DPS can't avoid doing what they do. He's a shark.

One of the Massively staff members might be a shark, however I can neither confirm nor deny it. Perhaps he or she will reveal his or his status in this week's WRUP. Or maybe it's just our usual roundup on our weekend plans. It's not clear until you read further however, you're encouraged to share what you're doing in the comments section either way.

@Beau_Hindman - I'm definitely playing more State of Decay. It is a fantastic single-player game, and is definitely one of my top games. For MMORPGs I'm testing the limits of Minecraft's MMO-ness I'll be playing the latest patch of DC Universe Online, and I'll also be taking part in some action in Neverwinter I believe it is one of the best-looking and -sounding MMOs available right now.

@nbrianna: I returned to World of Warcraft with a group of guildies. I'll be leveling up some old toons and exploring some Pandaria dungeons I've never done. Should be an enjoyable experience!

@Eliot_Lefebvre: World of Warcraft is currently playing in my side game slot, and although there are a lot of elements which I'm not entirely happy with, I'm enjoying myself. Beyond that, there's bound to be more Final Fantasy XIV questing to complete and various endgame snarky jollities to participate in, so that's my primary concentration.

@Sypster I don't have any grand plans for the weekend. I'm currently in the pre-launch countdown mode for Lord of the Rings Online Helm's Deep. I'm likely to try a few additional scenarios in The Secret World, and maybe even try some of the World of Warcraft stuff the kids are loving these days.

@mvmatt: I've got an weekend plan that includes schoolwork, soup and, if I'm lucky maybe, some video games. I'll be playing Warhammer Online, to remind myself why it was abandoned and to reflect on the amazing things that nearly made me stay, before the servers close next month. Apart from that, I would love to return to Guild Wars 2 or The Secret World. I've been ignoring them for some time. Perhaps, just maybe, I could stop some fools on Battlefield 4.

@MikedotFoster: This weekend, I'll be looking into the Three Spirits Dota 2 update. I'll also be returning to World of Warcraft, as the Warlords of Draenor announcement has got me excited once more.

@MJ_Guthrie: I plan to spend the majority of my gaming time (and I will have some regardless, sickness be darned!) Trying to get more done in the Secret World's war on Filth. I would love that pet and the bee suit for sure and even though I don't think there is any way I'll be able to collect enough tokens, I'm determined to do my best! Did I mention I am stubborn? When not engaged in that I'll be slipping into a scenario or two and experimenting with new builds. I will also be spending the weekend trying out different races to become my new Channeler in EverQuest II. It's been narrowed down to Ratonga or Kerra. Then, it will take me about 30 hours to personalize the style. Then there is the whole name thing...

@RichieProcopio This weekend I'll be intoxicated. No I'm not going to a frat party; I'll be paying the tower of nightmares an appearance in Guild Wars 2 and see what Scarlet and her new serpentine friends have been up to in Kessex Hills. Oh, and Hearthstone!

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