This Minecraft Mario Mod Brings the Mushroom Kingdom To PC

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This Minecraft Mario mod changes the regular mob into enemies from the Mario series and isn't only limited to Nintendo consoles. There have actually been official Mario DLC packs, but they've been limited to just the Nintendo family of consoles. That has changed today. Minecraft Servers

RaineyX is a Minecraft YouTuber, decided to create the mod after being inspired by the Mario Kart mod we wrote last month. They make use of software to modify the models, as explained on the official website and then release them to the wild, but you can see the entire process in their video about it. You can download the mod by clicking the link in the description.

While the mod doesn't change the behavior of affected Minecraft mobs, it's an appealing visual effect. It's a great illustration of how easy it is to play Minecraft as a game when you have the appropriate skills. That's probably why there are so many incredible Minecraft mods. It's a shame Nintendo does not like PC gamers a bit more, though, because DLC packs that are properly designed would be amazing.

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To see the possibilities with Minecraft, you only need to take a look at the Spellcraft DLC. It's a blank slate that has so much potential, and Nintendo could do more with it. However, it's unlikely that it will happen anytime soon.