The story of incredible loss miraculous discovery and the wonderful times that follow

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Hi! Hello! My life was forever changed when my most dear and loved galaxy s9 phone died. It was a disaster.

The other half was solved when I had my phone secured with my fingerprint. Bank accounts and all my personal information that I consider to be important shouldn't be at risk. It's not about security but rather the potential negatives and implications of losing your phone. This isn't about trying to have no phone for a couple of minutes. Hehe. I made it through..

Google & Facebook to the Help

Yes, you probably realized that my first reaction was to the restoration of all my "life's" data. I looked for the data first. As you might have guessed, Google and Android allow seamless backups of all your videos and photos. This saved me some time as I took all my photos and videos that I've had back up in the course of time. I HOPE Google is doing a great job. LOL.. LOL. =

After some time of reviewing my older and also more recent memories, I realized the LIVE porting was not working. I was missing all my videos from live Facebook events. I needed these... I cannot fall asleep until I get all my videos back.

And so I turned to facebook.. Many of the videos were exclusive and not available anywhere else.. I needed these videos... And i discovered the solution after a bit of research. I discovered the Facebook video downloading tool that was most helpful for me.

Youtube Video Downloader is now fully compatible with Facebook. Thank you!

I decided to use this extremely well-designed and user-friendly facebook downloader service. You can follow the steps as follows:

1. Open Facebook and click on the video you want.

2. Right click on the URL, or hold and tap to open the menu.

3. Go to the Facebook video downloader site and click on the box, then paste the URL of the video using the right-click + paste button or hold and tap to paste in the menu.

4. Click GO, then wait another second

5. On the next screen, click the huge red button to download HD video.

That's all.

It's so simple, even your grandmother can make this happen! Here's how it looks when you upload the URL of your video.

I discovered this website and all my Facebook videos were downloaded to my phone within a few hours. (Yes I am a video addict. There were about 60 videos).


It's simple to download videos from Facebook. You should definitely take a look! It is also worth checking Keepvid if you're seeking to restore your youtube library. Keepvid also supports YouTube-to-MP3 conversion... Don't worry, it is legal and secure to download your videos. It's legal to download the office party video to your smartphone. =)

We hope that you get something useful from this article.

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