Neve Paritzki Israel Celebrates RecordBreaking Tourism Entry From the USA

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NEW YORK - Sep. 8 2022, /PRNewswire/- The Israel Ministry of Tourism today released new records for arrivals of tourists in Israel from the United States in July and august. 78,000 tourists from the United States visited Israel in July 2022. This represents a 4 percentage increase over 2019 and 71,000 tourists from the United States in august 2022. This is 13% higher than in the year 2019.

Eyal Carlin from North America was the Tourism Commissioner. "The United States is our most popular destination for tourism to Israel prior to the COVID-19 pandemic that was sweeping the world, we were celebrating record-breaking tourism entry numbers every month. We're thrilled to witness an improvement in the trend and we anticipate an increase in the coming many months and years to be."

Just like the United States, Canada is in the process of surpassing the number of tourists visiting Israel, reaching 7,200 visitors in July 2022 , and 6,600 in August.

Gal Hana, Consul for Canada and Director of the Israel Ministry of Tourism said that "it's thrilling to observe the way that tourism in Canada is booming." We are getting close to our record numbers for 2019 and we expect that this growth in travel to Israel will continue to increase as Canadians are more comfortable at ease when they travel abroad.

Israel welcomed more than 4.6million tourists in 2019 of which 969,600 originated from the United States. Since May when the country was opened to all visitors, regardless of their vaccination status over 600,000.400 US visitors have visited Israel.

Information about the Israel Ministry of Tourism

The Israel Ministry of Tourism (IMOT), Israel's tourism agency is responsible for preparing and implementing marketing and promotional initiatives to position Israel as a preferred destination. IMOT aims for increased tourism to support Israel's economy and diversify and enhance the visitor experience. IMOT highlights Israel's vast array of cultural, religious food, historical, and culinary tourist attractions that are each a wonderful combination of tradition and modernity. נווה פריצקי The North American IMOT offices are located in New York and Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and Toronto.

For information about the upcoming events and attractions that are scheduled in Israel go to IMOT's site at For the most up-to-date news, join us on Twitter, Instagram as well as Pinterest.