It is crucial to prepare for travel with children There is no free WiFi available

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Yes, I said it.. My children are terrible at thisthat they believe the WiFi on high up on the mountain isn't that great.. While it's tiny, the hill is not in the normal range of cell networks. My kids have to search for better internet connectivity while my wife and I set tiny camping sites. This is a great place for us to spend a few days. There's a small stream nearby that provides fresh water although there isn't any. Yes.. My wife isn't able to camp without water. We bring our own water most of the time.

As my children check their profiles on social media while I take in the views. The hill itself isn't very huge, but it's in close proximity by much bigger ones. In order to be closer to nature, we go here once a blue Moon. These trips are a true delight, even though I'm not the one to initiate these trips. My wife insists on doing this. Perhaps she knows that I love being outdoors in the wild. But my children, they have a different story. Internet occasionally goes out of service. Clouds or perhaps other magnetic movements can interrupt your streaming song for a moment or two before the sound restores. It's annoying for me even although it happens frequently.

We made the decision to plan ahead after experiencing a few frustrating travels without internet where the internet connection on our phones was not functioning properly. My wife and I decided we would prepare for the day when our children won't be able to connect to the internet for more than 10 mins. We created two sources of entertainment that we can access whenever the internet isn't working during our camping trips. One was a tablet with music videos and the top songs. Our favorite Youtube mp3 tool helped us to extract songs and convert them into MP3 files prior to downloading them onto the tablet. It worked with playlists too and was an easy process, despite sounding awful long.. Furthermore, most songs we already had on my laptop which meant it was only an issue of copying several files. If one is being bored or depressed you can listen to music, watch videos or the best part is that they can listen to music through headphones that connect to blue tooth. This is pretty cool, don't you think? This item produces no sound.

The second tablet consisted of animated cartoons and TV shows that we downloaded via Hulu and Netflix. It is also possible to download the content offline to enjoy future viewing. The quality isn't the greatest, but it is something. We have several seasons of Breaking Bad there, and numerous cartoons like Family Guy and Disenchantment. It was entertaining and very easy. Tablet 2 was introduced a few trips after tablet 1. It was present when we finally got to The Wild. My kids couldn't stop using it and watching the shows. I made a couple of DIY videos, such as building a tent for fresh fish and skinning the fish. Things you don't normally do in your home city.. These videos I downloaded from Youtube and converted into MP4 and then saved on my tablet. It's much simpler to have video on the tablet for when you're working and don't need to wait for video to play.

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These two tricks have kept our children engaged on four family camping trips. They're also happy to be out and about, because they know that tablet 2 can make their boring leisure time more enjoyable. And they are able to bring it home anytime they'd like. It's all I ever wanted, and I've never been more content.