Installing Minecraft 20 In The Brand New Launcher

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A tremendous job by the Mojang workforce for an April Fools joke, and awesomely fun to play at times when Minecraft 1.6.4 with the Dalek mod isn't silly enough.Note that 2.Zero is Mojang's model of an April Fools joke!Now all of the tutorials on how to install 2.0 are largely for older variations (e.g. earlier than minecraft 1.6.1), so i thought to myself: "how can i do this?"

One day (i.g. At this time) I experimented on downloading minecraft 1.5.1 in the brand new launcher and installing 2.Zero in that directory. Minecraft Servers And it labored! so here is methods to do it:Step 1Begin by downloading 2.0, as a result of it isn't supported by Mojang it's free! :D But additionally for a similar motive, it isn't on the Minecraft website. D:

Not to worry though, that is what YouTube is for!

In order for you the different versions right here is the information for all of them. Like perhaps you need the tremendous hardcore mode! Minecraft Servers

Step 2so now that you have downloaded it go to your launcher select "Edit Profile" and download 1.5.1.

Step 3Now exit minecraft and get to your versions folder in .minecraft (please watch a video on YouTube if you don't know the way).Copy the folder called "1.5.1" (with out quotes) and call the copy "2.0" (with out quotes).

Step 4Open the 2.Zero download zip file and put "minecraft.jar" into the new "2.0" folder (both with out quotes)

Step 5Delete "1.5.1.jar"Rename the files so that:"minecraft.jar" turns into "2.0.jar"and"1.5.1.json" turns into "2.0.json"(all without quotes).

Step 6Open "2.0.json" with notepad++ edit line 2 like so:

"id": "2.0",

it ought to originally be:

"id": "1.5.1",

All you should change is the numbers between the quotes. and go away the quotes this time!Save and get pleasure from!