Gains Of Applying Uv Light For Disinfection

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Traditional disinfection techniques have been in use for centuries, but are they effective enough? In reality, even the most thorough cleaning methods using bleach, hot water, and disinfectants may not be able to eliminate harmful germs and bacteria. This can cause illnesses and even death in the worst scenario.

However UV light disinfection can be an ultraviolet-based technology which kills germs and bacteria faster and can be used as a supplement to other methods. Many businesses are hesitant to try it, but at Violet Defense, we know that the benefits outweigh the costs of making the switch. These are six top benefits of UV light for disinfection.

UV Light Disinfection is not toxic
The most appealing thing about UV light disinfection is that it's non-toxic. UV light is more environmentally friendly than harsh chemicals that are used in sanitation and cleaning products. UV light disinfection is a physical procedure and not a chemical process.

Foods can be disinfected with UV light and also food items and food preparation services. Although human beings may be damaged by too much UV light exposure, a proper precaution ensures a safe and non-toxic method of disinfection for hospitality, restaurant and medical sectors. Learn more

UV Light Disinfection is a Very Effective Method of Infection
Another benefit of disinfecting with ultraviolet light is that it could be far more effective over other techniques. The UV light can kill various harmful organisms.

For example, did you consider that UV light can kill molds as well as the spores? Others disinfection methods might not work or may result in a humid environment for fungi to flourish. Because UV disinfection works by drying, it can kill existing mold and prevent new growth.

UV light disinfection kills pathogens but not immunity
You've probably seen recent news reports about antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It is clear that certain antimicrobial drugs and disinfectants have had disastrous outcomes. The medical field is confronted with an urgent issue with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

UV light disinfection is different from conventional methods of disinfection, is a physical method for eliminating bacteria. Therefore, bacteria in question cannot build immunity to it. This is a huge benefit especially for assisted-living and hospitals.

UV Light Disinfection doesn't have to be portable
Another advantage of UV light disinfection is that the technology that we've developed can be put in place in guest rooms and be utilized as needed. It's a great thing that means you can install our device and let it autonomously do the work.

Whether you want to clean rooms anytime a room is empty or on an overnight set-up our products will aid you in getting the job done without you needing to be present.

UV light disinfection is affordable
It might surprise you to know that UV disinfection can be a cheap sanitation method. People sometimes assume that it's expensive since it makes use of technology instead of chemicals, but this isn't the case.

A single investment in UV light disinfection can save you money and time for years to come. The unique property of our lens means there will be no cost of maintenance throughout the life of the product and since the unit can operate autonomously when installed you don't have the associated labor costs over time like other options do.

UV Lights are safe for infection.
The most frequent question we receive concerning UV light disinfection is "Is it safe?" Many people associate UV exposure to sunburns with sunburns. However, the reality is that UV light can be safely used if it is properly applied.

Our systems come with robust safety features built-in to ensure the product will only turn on when the space is empty. If you are taking the proper precautions UV light is not as likely to cause damage than the harsh chemicals found in cleaning agents to cause damage. Click this link.

UV Light Disinfection can help your business
The takeaway here is that switching to UV light disinfection will assist in protecting your guests, save your staff time and energy, save you money, and create a more valuable value proposition to your clients.