Fabric APIs are Lightweight and Flexible

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Fabric is a lightweight, experimental modding toolchain for Minecraft.


Fabric's APIs can be transferred quickly and modularly making it simpler to create game instances and makes porting easier. Fabric development is focused on snapshots as well release versions. This allows earlier updates to mods and better community planning. The Fabric toolchain is accessible to everyone to use - even if you need to use a small portion of it!


You'll need the Fabric Loader to install Fabric. Download it here

Additionally, most mods require an API mod which contains hooks that are commonly used. These are available here.

Fabric API for Minecraft 1.14 and above



Fabric maintains a fork for Enigma which is an application that helps to decode Java classes. It was initially developed by Cuchaz Interactive. Gaming news Our changes include countless bugfixes and optimizations across the codebase, as well as user experience and compatibility improvements.

Downloads are available here.


The tiny-remapper project is a fast and well-optimized tool for precisely mapping.JAR files using Tiny mapping format.

Other tools

Fernflower A modified JetBrains upstream that contains line number mapping information. Matcher, a tool utilized by sfPlayer1 to monitor elements in obscured Java archive releases. This is used to track Yarn mapping updates. Stitch is a set of small tools that offer various functions to the Fabric project in command line form. It is able to generate and update "intermediaries" to ensure cross-version stability in accordance with Matcher output, or to merge clients and servers Minecraft.JARs. Weave is an earlier version of Stitch and is now only used to export Enigma-format mappings to Tiny-format files.

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