Color Bot Scripts For OldSchool Runescape

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oldschoolgg / oldschooljs

Raids sim drops olm to anyone

Instead of rolling the olm for the user who got a unique, it can give the olm to anyone.

RuneStar / cs2

Old School RuneScape cs2 decompiler

- Updated Aug 25, 2021- Kotlin

Paradoxis / OSRS-Font-Parser

Make your website relive your nerdy childhood

- Updated May 10, 2020- HTML

RuneStar / cache-names

Cracked Old School RuneScape cache file names

Suirdna / SCA-ScreenClickAi

Screen Click Ai - Old school Runescape game bot using OpenCV

- Updated Apr 21, 2021- Python

takelley1 / OSRS-AHKScripts

Color bot scripts for OldSchool Runescape, written entirely in AutoHotkey. No client injection or reflection used.

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