Why Social Media Put So Much EFFECT ON People s Life Nowadays

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Technology is meant to make our lives easier, but we don't always think how it can be used against us. In today's lifestyle we speak on the run with text messages, messages, and even visiting tolls. A lot of communication options: Press the up arrow, then Photo, and then tap to capture a picture or maintain to track record a video. While using latest WhatsApp update, you can share your location with 3D maps or show associates with your other contacts. Press the camera button to have a picture or the microphone to record a greeting. You can even send and receive audio files - not possible with Apple's Text messages app.

networks of neurons that help us instantly identify an apple from an orange, for example, yet classify both as fruits. Just like we learn that one features-roundness, a twiggy stem, soft skin-characterize an apple, we learn to recognize each notice by its particular femina.rol.ro agreement of lines, curves and hollow spots. Some of the earliest types of writing, such as Sumerian cuneiform, started out as characters molded like the things they represented-a person's mind, an ear of barley, a fish. Some research workers see traces of the roots in modern alphabets: C as crescent moon, S as snake. Especially intricate characters-such as Chinese language hanzi and Japanese kanji-activate electric motor regions in the mind involved in creating those characters in some recoverable format: The brain literally undergoes the movements of writing when reading, even if the hands are clear. Researchers recently uncovered that a similar thing happens in a milder way when some people read cursive.

Reuters reported that WhatsApp has started out testing allowing some businesses talk directly with WhatsApp users as a potential future income model. WhatsApp is evaluating this feature with businesses that are an integral part of Y Combinator, a competitive startup incubator that fostered Airbnb and Dropbox in earlier years. WhatsApp is also surveying users to ask them about spam communications they've received on the program.

Mash Up: Application, mass media or tool created by combining data, content or other services to give a single built in experience. Together with the new upgrade, things have evolved for the better. Users will now be able to type and send text messages even if they're offline or not connected to WhatsApp machines. Upon regaining connection, the app will now start to press out queued messages and you'll see that small clock icon turn into tick marks.

Text messages are probably the best thing to happen to cheating husbands because the cheap motel. You could send text messages on the sly, in full view of your wife, you can get note discretely and then be rid of any track of the incriminating evidence. And now in '09 2009 I must reluctantly conclude that heading online has substituted reading a booklet as the best past time.