When Indulging In A Sunshine Coast Holiday It Is Worth Spending A Day On A Hinterland Tour

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When indulging in a Sunshine Coast holiday it is worth spending a day on a hinterland tour. While there are guided tours, there are also affordable Sunshine Coast car rental options that will allow you to take the time to see what you are interested in. The area of the Sunshine Coast hinterland focused on for this day tour stretches from Maleny to Mapleton along the top of the Blackall Range and to Kenilworth via Conondale in the west.

The easiest way to start a hinterland tour in this area is to travel towards Maleny from the railway town of Landsborough. This route allows some lovely glimpses both toward the Sunshine Coast and the Glasshouse Mountains. Before you reach Maleny there is a turn that takes you to Mary Cairncross Park. This is a lovely spot to look out at the mountains and take a short stroll through a section of very old rainforest.

After a stop at Mary Cairncross park head to Maleny, this is a lovely Sunshine Coast hinterland town at the top of the Blackall Range. Maleny has plenty of craft stores and cafes that you could spend hours enjoying. It is also perched above the scenic Lake Baroon.

From Maleny there is an amazing scenic drive that heads down the range through green pastures and forest into the valleys that the Mary River winds through. There are a number of beautiful spots in this area to stop for a picnic beside the river or one of the creeks that leave it. Next to the bridge crossing of Little Yabba Creek there is an idyllic spot for a picnic with toilets, tables and access to the creek for paddling. Across the bridge from the picnic area is an easy rainforest walk called Fig Tree. There are also a number of roads that wind through the State Forests and lead to camping and picnic areas such as Charlie Moreland and Booloolumba.

After enjoying a picnic you can head towards Kenilworth along a winding road through forests that ring with the sound of Bellbirds. At Kenilworth is traditionally a farming town and there is a cheese factory which has a tasting tour and some wonderful cheeses for sale. For those who have almost any concerns with regards to wherever along with how you can utilize chủ đầu tư Sunshine Avenue (sunshineavenuedatxanh.com), you possibly can contact us with the webpage. There is also a great playground if you have kids with you on your day trip.

The road from Kenilworth back up to the top of the Blackall Range is called Obi Obi Road. It is a steep and windy drive to Mapleton that is very scenic. There are a couple of creek crossings that make a nice spot for a quick paddle. As you once again reach the top of the range there is Mapleton Falls National Park with its waterfall and short trails.

Driving from Mapleton to Montville along the range you will see a number of craft stores, restaurants and lovely views. There is also the amazing Kondalilla Falls which require a 3.2km walk to visit the rock pools at the top. It is very worthwhile if you have the time as the falls are amazing and the rock pools are great for a refreshing swim.

Montville is known for its boutique stores with almost every craft and produce imaginable, quaint cafes and art galleries. For those so inclined almost an entire day could be spent browsing at Montville. It is also the last town on the range before you head back along a road with amazing views towards Maleny or Landsborough ending your Sunshine Coast hinterland tour.

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