WhatsApp Update Record 2015

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The fake program may say something similar to " Person X has distributed 3 pics along in WhatsApp ," but after actually approving this demand, it looks like your Facebook friends will have the exact same photo-sharing message. WhatsApp has released a new update that includes a time-saving feature, but it can only just be downloaded right now for the Iphone - not Android devices.

Ignore to backup WhatsApp data? With this free Android WhatsApp Recovery software, your entire lost WhatsApp communications, associates can be restored directly. Facebook said Thursday that it's paying $12 billion in stock and $4 billion in cash for WhatsApp. In addition, the app's founders and employees - 55 in every - will be awarded restricted stock worthy of $3 billion that will vest over four years following the deal closes.

The 90MB WhatsApp upgrade will only benefit users with iOS 10.3+ version on their Apple iPhone. Many features have been launched in this messaging program, adding more taste and making messaging so interesting that most Android users cannot stay a complete day without exploring the fun attributes that have been embedded in WhatsApp. "These little girls go out with someone who can give them a smartphone because they want to be on Facebook or WhatsApp," Ela said.

Step one 1: Add Google profile on your old Android phone and sign in. Important thing it's forget about difficult reading on today's tablet or smartphone than it is reading a magazine or a book. Indeed some would dispute it's a great deal easier - hence the rise in traffic to mobile editions of broadsheet papers and the surge in sales of ebooks. Facebook in October completed its buy of WhatsApp in a stock-and-cash package.