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There is nothing at all surprising to acknowledge that the mobile application world is huge, which is getting bigger as time passes, and the more number of applications coming to the app markets pieces the temperature high. Creating and sharing GIFs is one of the less popular WhatsApp hacks. This hack helps you switch any video to GIF and send it on WhatsApp within minutes. There is no need for a third-party video-to-gif converter app. Follow these steps to generate and send GIFs on WhatsApp. Group admins is now able to control who can send messages. Inform relatives and friends about the hacking and desire them not to react to any messages coming from your number on WhatsApp," the TRA said.

If notifications aren't enough, you can configure WhatsApp to open a window between your screen when you obtain a message. You can then quickly respond straight from this window and never have to open the whole application. iOS: Chats > Swipe still left to right > Pin Chat. Text message reading - By using hacking tool you can read all the outgoing and incoming text SMS.

To free up space, you'll need to delete some stuff. WhatsApp comes with an option to see which chats are taking up the most amount of space on your mobile phone. Welcome to some other huge post on guidelines, I have come up with a list of WhatsApp tips and tricks, and I am sure that you will love it. PS: For instance, when I down load a photo its downloading into GBWhatsapp's GBWhatsApp Images folder and it is showing up in the app. But the older images are not being shown in the app.

If you are using this program specifically to spy WhatsApp, the WhatsApp features which are included work amazingly. As well as it can be to touch on the message to deny the call and send an instant message. Don't have time to write out an extended reply or simply can't be bothered to? No issue. WhatsApp gives you to send tone of voice text messages to your contacts which is excellent if you are walking somewhere for example, making constant typing a little of a pain.

This move is reportedly intended, partly, to keep users engaged with messaging systems that Facebook owns rather than those managed by their competition, including Apple. However the Times records that Facebook employees are reportedly "confused" concerning this plan, with some finding it "jarring" because iOS Devices : Head to Chats > Broadcast Lists > New List > Add connections.

pinpoint where you are via Google or Apple Maps, and send it over instantly. This may be beneficial to those who connect via WhatsApp's tone of voice messaging feature. Users needed to tap on every single voice message sent in order to listen to the contents. Using click the following webpage upcoming revise, WhatsApp will keep automatically start playing another voice message after the chosen one is completed.