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//User wants to search the OPENNwiki
  'Search (for)(the) *tag': search,
  'Find (me)(us)(the) *tag': search,
  'Look for (the) *tag': search,
  'Look up (the) *tag': search,
   //User wants to jump to a page
  'Navigate (me)(us)(to)(the)(page)(site)(article)(about)(the) *tag': navigate,
  'Jump     (me)(us)(to)(the)(page)(site)(article)(about)(the) *tag': navigate,
  'Go       (to)(the)(page)(site)(article)(about)(the) *tag': navigate,
  'Move     (me)(us)(to)(the)(page)(site)(article)(about)(the) *tag': navigate,
  'Show     (me)(us)(to)(the)(page)(site)(article)(about)(the) *tag': navigate,
   //User wants to type something
  'Type (down) *tag': type,
  'Enter *tag': type,
  'Insert *tag': type,
  'Write (down) *tag': type,
  'Scribble (down) *tag': type
  'Note (down) *tag': type
  'Right *tag' : type
   //User wants to save Edits
  '(Now) Save (changes)(this)(page)(my)(edits)': save
  '(Now) Safe (changes)(this)(page)(my)(edits)': save
   //User wants to create a new page
  'Create (the) (new) (wiki) (page)(article)(site) *tag': create
   //User wants to print a page
  'Print (this) (the) (page)(article)(site)(section)(column)': print
  'Ink it': print
   //User wants to edit a page
  'Edit (this) (the) (page)(article)(site)(section)(column)': edit

Apply a Command by clicking on the bottom on the top left. Or if the Always On functionality is enabled, then start with Ok., Kate The Voice Commander starts to listen Once the user stops talking, the commander stops listening and applies the command. If the command was not understood, then a message is given to the user.

Always On Functionality The allows on functionality listens to everything the user says. Commands can be applied by saying Ok Kate, <Command> This feature is disabled by default but can be toggled under preferences.