The story of devastating loss a miraculous discovery and the joyous times that come after

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Hey! Today I'd like to share with y'all an account of the most devastating loss and the biggest moment. My life was completely destroyed when I lost my most beloved and hated galaxy phone s9... I don't know how I lost it, but some time I realized that I didn't have it any more. This was a disaster.

It's not the whole story, but that's part of the issue. My phone is locked only by fingerprint. None of the data I believe should be at risk, so bank accounts should be secured. It's not about security or the negatives to losing your phone. It's not about trying to be without a phone for few minutes. hehe.. I survived.. No.. this is about all those memories that were lost including all the pictures and videos I've lost on my phone.. Plus , who does not know that nowadays, you see on TV they can break into people's phones, so you need to be careful..

Google and Facebook to the rescue

You might have noticed that my initial thought was to find all my "life data". So i looked up google. You may have heard that google and android allow seamless backups of your images and videos. That was it! I was in a position to save my life for a few hours while copying all the photos video and images that I had stored on my system backup over the decades. PRAISE GOOGLE LOL. video downloader youtube LOL. =

After some time of reviewing my older and more recent memories, I realized the LIVE porting was not working. All the videos I've done live on Facebook, all of those videos were missing.. They were so essential to me...I can't go to sleep without them...

I went online and found the solution. It was the facebook video downloader that helped me at the end.

Youtube Video Downloader is also compatible with Facebook We appreciate your help! Thank you!

I discovered this method to download Facebook pictures very simple and well-designed. It's that simple:

1. Open Facebook and click on the video you wish to watch.

2. Right click on it. Tap and hold the button until the menu appears. It will show the URL of the video. Select it, and copy it with CTRL+C.

3. 3. Click on the Facebook video downloader website and copy the URL.

4. Click GO, and then hold for a few seconds

5. Click the red button that says "Download HD Video" on the next screen

This is all!

It's that easy, even your grandmother could make it happen! This is what it looks like after you submit the video URL.

After a quick search on this website and registering on it, I've had all my facebook videos restored back to my new phone in just a few hours (yes, i am a video addict, there was more than 60 videos...)


It's easy to download videos from Facebook. Try it yourself You'll be amazed! If you're looking to restore your YouTube library take a look at keepvid. it also works for youtube to mp3 conversion... Don't worry, restoring and downloading your videos is completely legal and safe to do. You could even download the office party video and save it to your phone. =

We hope this article helped.