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WhatsApp is a free of charge to download messenger iphone app for smartphones. Facebook now offers its messenger service as a standalone app, helping you to speak to your Facebook friends and anyone in your associates with the app installed, without having to be signed into Facebook. We recommend this iphone app for the large volume of messaging that happens via Facebook, though it's just a little frustrating that the Facebook iphone app itself no longer includes messaging functionality.

Those communications are encrypted in a strong way. They're sent via Apple's system, and it's very, very difficult for governments to intercept those. If you're using WhatsApp, which is a service now owned by Facebook and used by hundreds of millions of people throughout the world, if you are using WhatsApp on Android, it's encrypted, again, in an exceedingly strong way.

Whatsapp users SIM credit cards on their mobile are quite simply their Whatsapp contacts. There's really no need collecting Special codes(PIN) like Blackberry before you can get linked to friends and family, family or family members. Your cellular phone connections is automatically synchronizes to your whatsapp which implies that you could start chatting immediately, provided your associates are employing Whatsapp as well.

Don't fret though, as there's a way to disable notifications. From the WhatsApp Web user interface, touch the menu button (three dots) and choose the Notifications sub menu. From here, you can disable the notification pop-up and the associated sound, or additionally, you can disable notifications for a particular timeframe (1 hour, 1 day or one week).

Alternatively, you can create a "broadcast subject matter." This functions a little like a blind carbon-copy. If you send a broadcast subject matter to Alice, Bob, and Condolezza, it will appear as if you dispatched the message directly to them. Broadcast text messages appear threaded in recipients' existing conversations together with you, not in another thread as group emails do. That is a bit puzzling, but it's obviously a robust communication tool, and it's really one that's unique to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp users will have an improved way in which to stay touch off their PC, as it has released a desktop iphone app for Windows and Mac pc users Reports of the desktop software leaked out early on after it was discovered by the Twitter consideration WABetaInfo , which monitors changes in the service's various clients. Relating to a company post, the desktop client is comparable to WhatsApp Web for the reason that it's designed to be an extension of your cellphone, with synchronized discussions and communications. WhatsApp avoided the app stores on either program, choosing to make its desktop available for direct downloading , if you are running Windows 8 (or newer) or Operating-system X 10.9 (or newer).