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A Runescape ditch has been added to the wilderness, which will affect the majority of players. Jagex have acted due to the widescale abuse of the system by players duping others to follow them into the wild unintentionally. This typically led to massive virtual losses, such as party hats and large sums of money.

Jagex has confirmed that there is a secure spot just north of the newly constructed ditch. This will allow players to hop over the ditch and prepare for any forthcoming battles. Runescape servers This will reduce the number of complaints runescape customer service receives. Players are no longer permitted to go into the wilderness. It's now up to the player, and they are the ones responsible for it.

Although the creation of the wilderness ditch will decrease the number of scams involving runescape in the wilderness however, it is not going to completely eliminate them all. It will specifically address the follow-player scam and eliminate it completely. However, other in-game wilderness scams still exist like people who are in low-level wilds begging to be attacked or people attempting to lure others in with the promise of valuable items as an incentive.

Overall I believe Jagex have taken action in the best interests of all honest players, as they were afflicted with sufficient quantities of complaints from those who were tricked into entering the wild. However it could make it just a little bit more annoying for regular pkers who like to hang out at the edge of the wild but it does allow players who are not familiar with the wild a chance to observe more experienced pkers in action.