How To Stop Grass From Dying Under Trampolines

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One of the most common questions we receive during Vuly Play is what happens to grass beneath trampolines and does trampolines harm grass?

It is a challenging question to answer because a Vuly trampoline can cause grass to die or speed up its growth in some cases. Based on the area you live in and the area of the trampoline, as well as its lower exposure to the sun and water may cause the grass to change color or grow more lush and green. ,Click here.

Are Trampolines an effective way to kill Grass?

The majority of trampoline mats are constructed from material that blocks some sunlight. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the grass will die off or be spotted underfoot.

Although it is possible for nutrient deficiencies to develop and cause a patchy lawn There are certain exceptions.

If, for instance, it's an extremely hot summer day, that particular part of your lawn may be happy under shade and will thrive much better than the rest your lawn.

Other elements can be a major factor in the grass you have under your trampoline. It could be the type of grass you have in your lawn, or the kind of soil.

Another important thing to remember is where your trampoline will impact your grass when it will die, as different angles from which the sun's rays hit your yard can determine the outcome.

The weight and size of a trampoline will also influence the way that grass grows beneath it.

A trampoline with a 10ft smaller size has a greater surface area than our trampolines that are extra-large.

It is easier to predict the reaction of your grass to your trampoline's legs.

Since it is a large animal because of its weight, the legs of this animal could cause the grass beneath to go to seed.

If the soil in the region also becomes extremely soft after rain, your trampoline may also indent into the lawn and become unbalanced.

How can we stop grass dying under trampolines

The best part is that whatever changes your trampoline could be able to bring about in the look of your yard, you can quickly avoid.

Vuly trampolines tend to be very lightweight. You can move them throughout the yard with the help of another person -- if you have space -- to keep from dying or overgrowth of the grass.

This allows you to mow underneath or throw seeds on how the lawn looks.

To move larger Thunder or Thunder Pros effortlessly you can purchase wheels. Wheels Kit.

Sprinklers can be put beneath your trampoline when it isn't in use in the event that you aren't sure you'll be able to move it often.

It is also possible to prevent grass damage by placing your trampoline on synthetic grass, or soft bark, during trampoline assembly. ,Clicking here.

It is important to set your trampoline on a firm surface. But this doesn't mean that you cannot adjust the setting to ensure that your lawn stays green and healthy.