How To Set Up A Minecraft Server On Linux

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Minecraft server set up on a Linus distribution (Ubuntu 12.04 in this case) is quite easier than you think.

Make sure you have at least 2GB RAM for your server. In this tutorial, we will be covering the setup of minecraft server on Ubuntu using command line tool. Connect to the server through SSH using Terminal on Mac or PuTTY on a PC.

Open the terminal window and log in:

Enter the password and make the connection.

Installing Dependencies for Minecraft Server

Before we get down into setup of Minecraft server, we need to update the apt-get using the command:

Java is a system prerequisite for this set up and you need to make sure that Java is installed on your server. Run the following command to check:

If Java is installed, it will return the details. Else, it will throw the message "java: command not found".

Download Java using apt-get package:

Screen is also required to keep the server running if the connection is dropped. Install screen using the command:

Installation of Minecraft Server

First of all, create a directory where you can store the Minecraft files:

Switch into the newly created directory:

Now, use the command to download Minecraft Server software

Run the Screen with the command:

The -S option will set the sessions title.

Once the file is downloaded completely, you will be able to run it with java.

You will be given a launching text which will look similar to this:

Now, minecraft server is set up. You may exit the screen by pressing ctl-a d. Minecraft servers