HOW EXACTLY TO Save WhatsApp Emails From IPhone To PC

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Chatvisualizer is generating data visualizations of your WhatsApp chats. Step two 2: Choose "Erase Private Data" and hit "Check" button. You'll be able to preview and choose WhatsApp messages or accessories and touch "Erase Now". Chatwatch initially launched on iOS but it was later taken from the App Store by Apple for unspecified reasons. It's available for Android , and the programmers are currently focusing on a web-based version as well.

Some WhatsApp messages are extremely private and sensitive that you would not need anyone gaining access to them. You may also want to sell your iPhone or give it away. What happens to the WhatsApp announcements on your iPhone then? It really is reasonable to delete those messages to safeguard not only your personal privacy but also those individuals you have chatted with.

My initial reasoning for such a radical step had little regarding mindfulness or the want to be disconnected. I needed installed WhatsApp in 2012 only because all my friends possessed it. By the end of 2016, the ubiquitous chat app started to send me frustrating periodical reminders that it could go wrong because the operating system of my much loved Nokia cellphone was no more supported.

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