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What Dimension Cage is Finest for My Pigs?

Actually, there is no ideal dimension for a test subject cage. The easy rule is: the larger the far better. However there are minimum cage-size guidelines that lots of guinea pig rescue organizations and guinea pig advocacy teams recommend. A fast search on the internet will disclose the following approximate de facto requirements for minimal cage sizes:

* One guinea pig: 6-7 sq. ft.
* 2 guinea pigs: 7.5 sq. ft.
* Three guinea pigs: 10.5 sq. ft.
* Four guinea pigs: 13 sq. ft.

Because guinea pigs are social animals, it is suggested to maintain a minimum of two guinea pigs together. Consequently, if you want your pigs to take pleasure in an ideal environment, you require never ever consider a cage under 7.5 sq. ft, Learn More.

In general, commercial cages (I want to describe them as "pet shop cages") tend to be under 3 square-feet. Business cages much bigger compared to this are difficult to find and are apt to be quite expensive. For this reason, conscientious guinea pig proprietors tend to gravitate toward a prominent course of do-it-yourself or set cages frequently called C&C or Cubes and Coroplast cages.

Do I Have to Bother with the Flooring?

Absolutely! Cable floorings or flooring with grates are hard on your guinea pigs' feet. Harsh metal grids could catch toes and legs or otherwise damage your guinea pigs' fragile feet. Imagine if you needed to spend your entire life walking on metal bars put on hold a foot off the floor-- in your bare feet. Also even worse-- visualize trying to work on that surface area.

By the way, the exact same goes when picking a multi-level cage with a ramp. The ramp surface ought to not be covered with metal grids. Bottom line: prevent cages that make your pet walk on steel bars or grids whatsoever. For best pig health and safety, your cage needs to have a smooth plastic or steel base, view source.

Does My guinea pig Cage Have to Be Fully Confined? Does it Required a Cover?

It depends on your situation. If your guinea pigs are sharing your home with "domestic killers" you will absolutely require a cover. If your home is free of these kinds of dangers, after that a cover is not needed. Most guinea pig cages and pens have the tendency to contend least 14" wall surfaces. Although guinea pigs do like to jump for enjoyable, they are not known for being excellent leapers and can not jump anywhere near 14-inches high. Believe me-- you will certainly never see a test subject in the NBA. In this case, not only is a lid not necessary, it is not recommended. We locate that when guinea pigs are housed in a cage with no lid, it urges much more interaction with the guinea pigs. A lidless cage will certainly also take much of the problem from chores like feeding the guinea pigs and cleaning up the cage.

How Huge Should The Door Be?

Many cages are designed with gain access to doors that are as well small. Tiny doors, make it elusive and pick up your pets. If you've ever before possessed a test subject, you will certainly concur that they are "scurriers". When choosing them up, they don't simply comfortably sit there while you choose them up - they scoot! And if you've ever before aimed to catch a scurrying guinea pig with one arm through a little hole ...

Few innovative cages offer large fold-down "tailgates". These versions are syntheticed to ensure that the whole side of the cage is pivoted and swings open up like the tailgate on a pickup truck. This enables you to get to in with both hands to scoop up your guinea pig. It likewise cleans your cage a much easier and a lot more efficient operation. If you have actually ever before aimed to shovel 25 pounds. of wet bed linens through a tiny door and after that reverse and shovel 25 lbs. of clean bed linens back in via that tiny opening ...

It's a lot easier to scuff the bed linen out into a waste container then simply pour the brand-new bed linens in straight from the bag. Yes, door-opening dimension actually is a huge deal.