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After rolling out verified profiles for businesses on WhatsApp, Facebook is adding a tool for brands to promote their presence. WhatsApp Plus is a revised form of the state app. After downloading it, you will observe a far more stylistic interface. There are themes or templates already pre-downloaded on the app that can be changed. You can even download many such themes from the Download" option inside the themes" tabs of the app. Do not download this app form every other un-trusted source as there are many hackers who have made fake variations of this software to grab WhatsApp accounts.

This reports isn't the best for anybody who looks forward to reading online content continuous - but it also demonstrates Facebook's growing desire for collaborating with journalists and news publications. Earlier this season, Facebook launched the Facebook Journalism Project to address artificial information, but also to collaborate with folks making the news headlines. A huge percentage of Us citizens get news generally from social marketing - especially Facebook - which move records another attempt to make it more appealing for web publishers to work immediately within Facebook so Facebook can grow and reinforce its user platform.

Confirm your country and give the mobile quantity to delete your WhatsApp bill. Now, reinstall WhatsApp from the play-store.Register it with same old number. After installment it'll detect the back up files automatically. Select Okay" to get all the old chat conversations back. Now, you'll have a fresh accounts with one more season of free license.

=>I want to indicate two puzzling parts. First one is really as mentioned previously, controllability or secrecy in communication is not an unique feature limited to WhatsApp. Second of all, WhatsApp (technically) could work as the same way Facebook or Twitter does for mass communication. For instance, WhatsApp we can create sites so we can talk about information immediately. All of the commercial information can be sent out to a great mass by commercial or sponsored accounts. So in terms of controllability and exchange of information for systems of users, WhatsApp is not any different than Facebook.

Sure. So your smartphone has a radio to hook up one to a cell tower or Wi-Fi network. In addition, it has the capacity to connect someone to other phones straight. FireChat is a messaging app that enables visitors to communicate with one another even if they are not connected to Wi-Fi. Think about it this way. When you're connected to the Internet, you can create large talk groups and broadcast that information to a huge amount of people. With FireChat, you can keep on broadcasting content and obtaining messages, even when you're not linked. The technology that makes this possible is named 'peer-to-peer mesh networking.' FireChat uses this technology to make a 'daisy string of smartphones' which means that your messages can stream from one phone to some other. No Wi-Fi required.

To get this feature, you'll need to grab the latest beta version of WhatsApp. The company maintains the official beta assessment program on Yahoo Play , and you can join it by tapping the "Become a Tester" button. On the other hand, you can also download the latest beta build of WhatsApp from third-party site APKMirror The web site offers Google-signed apps. Ensure that you snag version 2.16.318 or more of WhatsApp.