Fico Gutierrez and his remark to Petro friend of the FARC chavista and expropriator

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'Fico' Gutierrez prevailed, on Sunday, during the meeting of the 'Team for Colombia' with a vote total of 2 '160.329. 54.11 percent of votes were cast during the process of internal elections.

Gutierrez participated in the first presidential debate candidates after the legislative elections. He was compared to Gustavo Petro, the winner of the Historic Pact consultation, as in addition to Ingrid Betancourt - an independent candidate. These were his answers.

'We more centralism': Federico Gutierrez during his time at

Important importance of Sunday's elections outcomes

The first subject of the debate was to examine Sunday's results in the election. "It appears to me that there is only one foot in round two, which is a political truth. Fico replied, saying that his objective was to prevail unitedly during the initial round. This is due to the fact that much of the country is at risk.

After the issue was discussed it was suggested that the prospect of winning in the initial round was aired in which the presidential candidate from Team for Colombia pointed out: "The numbers speak for themselves. Three years have passed since the formation of our coalition. We are only a few seconds away from. With just 1 million votes remaining from the Historic Pact it is quite clear who we are, and who will be able to go to the second stage to take on these authoritarian and populist projects like Petro.

Petrol The most difficult question is:

Federico Gutierrez challenged Gustavo Petro's decision to not include Piedad Cordoba on the lists. "How do you say you won't accept corrupt people in the list if you include Piedad Cordoba? He negotiated with the lives so many kidnapped persons, and he joined the Chavez Regime that is very dangerous for Colombia?" Fico pointed out that Cordoba was "trading with kidnapping" and he was in support of Ingrid Betancourt.

Gutierrez then criticized Petro and said he was "friend of FARC".

"Those who have attacked others who kidnapped the innocent, killed, extorted are the owners of peace. We are the masters and masters of conflict." In my time I've employed weapons that were different from yours. I am the one with the moral right to speak about peace, and I'll ensure that the FARC, allies, and close friends respect the agreements. They've not fulfilled the terms of the peace accord.

Zuluaga makes an appearance at the Gutierrez campaign

Gutierrez next discussed Oscar Ivan Zuluaga arriving to his campaign. I informed him that I am grateful for your personal choice and I'll discuss with him however, I will also be able to have a discussion to many other sectors that are interested in joining our campaign," he said and clarified that he is not Uribe's candidate, but the candidate will acknowledge that he is in his.

He said that people who stand up for democracy and freedoms need to be united. I will meet with teachers. Together with the cooperative sector, they are going to show the nation a national agenda and show how we can add to it.

Gutierrez In the middle of this discussion was criticized by Ingrid Betancourt to "whom is saying that one can be the only good one" and "that everybody is corrupt or evil." She stated, "You don’t have have to inform us that I have poor intentions," as well as, "Is there really any one good in Central America?" If elected president, which I'm hoping to be, I'll unify. While I'm not certain if they're from the right or left I will be able to govern with the best.

Ingrid then accused him of being "supported by machineries such as Los Char and Dilian Francisca Toro". He replied, "I'm a man of character. He said that while he was willing to make many alliances with people but he was strong of character to ward off violent acts and corrupt practices.

"Petro is playing dumb"

Federico Gutierrez, in an attempt to highlight Gustavo Petro, stated that he is accompanied and with Armando Beenedetti, a former senator who has started a process of extermination. And when he did not receive a response and he claimed that the candidate of the Historic Pact "always plays dumb."

What do candidates for health recommend?

"Ideology shouldn't be the sole factor in determining health care. There must be dignity in healthcare services," said the former mayor Medellin. We would like to get rid of the lines, encourage prevention, health promotion, articulation, and EPS using the IPS/EPS and also implement the Siga Model, in which triage is carried out and decides the best place to treat you according to the condition.

He stated that it was essential to improve conditions for health professionals and to "ensure that they are provided with linksage assurances" and clarified that he would not end EPS but would improve the efficiency of the system for providing health care. However, he added that "EPS that does not work is eliminated."

Relations with the United States

Answered the question: Will your relationship with the United States be rethought? Gutierrez stated that he would continue to maintain a bipartisan, positive relationship towards the United States. But some issues need to be rethought. We are planning to build the system of production within the nation. This will allow for a stronger commercial and political relationship.

UU is the issue with U.S. today. It is a necessity for us to acknowledge that the world has changed and the U.S. is now capable of producing more food items, but also import high-quality goods from abroad.

Gutierrez took advantage of the situation to make a bid for Petro: "The blockades that you Petro demanded to close roads have had an impact on the cost of food items. People are asking why the chicken or the egg are so expensive. "You shut down the roads," Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez repeatedly claimed that Petro "is about to expropriate". He also stated that under his administration, peasants will receive cheap loans, irrigation districts and the ownership of land will be secured.

Questions from candidates to candidates

Federico Gutierrez was then able to articulate his views to the Uribe and Duque governments: "I am absolutely clear that from August 7, everything which works, independent of the government, is going to continue. What doesn't work, I will change it."

He said that although security is vital, it is integral. Fico Gutierrez He also said that he would mix security with social. If military forces have to enter a territory in which there is conflict, for each helicopter that arrives, three will arrive with the help of social investments."

Gutierrez posted a critique on Petro. He claimed that Petro offers them aid they currently receive through Families in Action. Check out Venezuela.

Pension debate

Gutierrez suggested that to address pensions to improve pensions, the "state's capabilities should be transferred to territories to enhance the value of fixed assets like roads and schools. He said that there were 20 billion pesos of mafia assets, that are not subject to the state's oversight.

He also stated that he will create a law to allow more domain extinction prosecutors. The money will be used to fund education, health, and the pension system of 3 million pensioners. He said, "The resources are there. It's just a matter of understand where they're."

The Pope's appointments during the campaign?

The debate discussed the possibility of the visit of the presidential candidates Gustavo Petro, Rodolfo Gutierrez and Pope Francis. Fico Gutierrez said that people who intend to visit Pope Francis are doing so because they don't have any idea about him. Fico Gutierrez I have already met him, but my meeting today is with the Colombians I had the pleasure of meeting the Pope in Medellin in the course of the papal visit and I was listening to him for a long time during that time."

Relations with Venezuela

The final topic was Venezuelan relations. Gutierrez said that Maduro's relationships with Colombia have been through the FARC (the Eln), dissidents and Petro. Maduro is a dictatorship, can't be recognized as government. But, there's an actual reality on the other side of the border."

He also said that "for this reason, traffic on the roads must be allowed, because of trade, which continues to be a problem, due to that illegal economy is being run by criminal groups. Maduro is not recognized as a legitimate government. However it is imperative that business decisions are made at crossings.

Gutierrez was speaking about the issue, had another argument with Petro, noting that he is silent in his defense of "his allies," in reference to Russia, Syria and Venezuela, among others.

He also condemned the idea that Colombia would be decoupled from oil and coal. "That's one of the reasons why renewable energy projects such as wind or solar are being developed. Fico Gutierrez We are moving toward this goal and we are planning to increase our capacity by a third.

To say goodbye, Gutierrez said a new puya "Petro I am Chavez and Maduro But I am not Uribe or Duque. I am the president of the Colombians."