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24/7days A Week With Information And News From You!

Welcome,There are 537,934 Members on this WIKI Right Now. On this Moment there are 2 admins so if you have a question Use the internal Messenger to OPENN. The Users on this Wiki having al ready 946,746 edits. And the number of pages you can watch are 369,546. Maby you are in the top list of users?

So be nice together make this wiki for ALL Ages and enjoy the OPENN WIKI.

537,934 members now, We are happy that you are here! is A great day for OPENN WIKI! You are on the OPENN WIKI from The Official Public European Netherlands Network in Dutch (Netherlands/Holland) we call this: Europese Omroep. In short international OPENN, thats why O.P.E.N.N.

On This Wiki:

1 and 2> We and you keep this wikis for ALL People.

3 > freedom to speech you allowed

4 > we and you respect all wiki users

5 > keep this platform as neutral zone

6 > if you dont follow the rules of neutral zone possible block here and other wikis

7 > Do we give your chats/messags text/ wiki text away? NO! We keep this platform just for you and me. 7.1 > We dont sell your information ever (only if the buy this platform with a good offer in ones ;-)

8 > Keep it nice with using links on the wiki

9 > If you create a header with Flowers is ok you put some links about flowers not every word , ok ;-)

10 > Do we record your chats, yes, but we dont see the messages

11 > Do we record your profile, Yes

12 > Do we record your messages on profile, Yes

13 > ALL Again, we dont sell your information to others

15 > may you use this for your bisnuess, sure. but think, we dont see your messages and we dont sell your messages.

16 > your company wants to advertise on your site (wiki and or main site), possible send us your idea to mail from us.

17 > 06-04-2018 you can post ALL no mods or deleting content anymore we think is the politics they make international rules about drugs porn etc in that time you can posting ALL we dont mod or monitore. olso private messenger we dont watch etc only the Together chat option they can watch 3e party.

18 > We dont monitore, no automatic bots for read your postings and messenges

19 > facebook: But if we have to pass on all the details, do we have that with you? no, you can stay as anonymous as you wish.

20 > enjoy!


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