10 IDEAS TO Improve Your Android s Performance

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Smartphones are no different from computers as it pertains to maintenance and long-term performance. While it works properly well, you might like to try something a little smoother-looking. That it is dead easy to get the vanilla Android 5.0 Lollipop UI too. Just download Google Now from the Google Play app store. Next time you press the Home soft key, you'll be asked Promodj.com whether you want to use the LG interface or the Google Now one.

For reasons uknown, everyone discovers themselves in their device's settings eventually. Luckily to them, Google finally overhauled it a bit. While the old settings design was basically just a set of categories you could dive into, the new one peppers the list with really helpful items of context such as staying electric battery life, ringer volume and just how many apps were clogged from sending notifications. Settings sections like Display and Battery offer most of the same options, however now you can bring up a navigation submenu that lets you jump between those sections. Handy, but easy to miss. The primary settings menu also offers suggestions that are not really everything that helpful. It could tell

To take action, when you're in a free of charge Wi-Fi hotspot, type a destination in to the search windowpane and the app will pull up an over head map. Now tap the three lines in the top still left of the display screen to open up some options, one that will be Offline areas." Touch this and choose to download the map to your device, but take note it will require up some storage (Google Maps will tell you how much).

Cell Phone Situations - The Samsung Galaxy Notice 8 can be an almost ideal for phablet supporters. The massive, beautiful screen puts everyone else to pity and the S Pencil unlocks an environment of efficiency and fun that other phones can't match. However, it doesn't have the biggest electric battery in the world, and that may be an issue for some people. If you'd like the phone with the largest battery pack in Samsung's lineup, you truly have to visit with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Or, you can get the Galaxy Note 8 and slap the newly announced ZeroLemon case on it.

The Android version of Skype works quite the same with the iPhone version. Once you sign in, you can view your online contacts. You may make free calls and send text messages over a standard 3G or Wi-Fi connection. You can also call friends and family directly on their PCs making use of your Skype contact list. Skype's call quality is not very choppy though there might be times when the bond jumps but over-all, the complete calling experience is fulfilling. Interface-wise, Skype is user-friendly.

You won't always have Wi-Fi, and sooner or later you'll probably need to access information regarding your flights or reservations while you're on the go. Saving all of that information in an email on your phone - or taking screenshots of email messages formulated with that information - means you will not need to log into your email and use up that precious data. Apps like TripIt also help by keeping all of your info in a single nice, tidy place.